For Vidorra, making music comes down to one feeling: euphoria. “Everything that has ever inspired me to the max in music has made me feel so full of energy, excitement, absolute happiness, all at once,” he says. “For me, with regards to music, there is one specific purpose, and that is to give listeners that euphoric feeling.” 


The prolific young artist achieves that sensation through high-energy, hip-hop inflected dance music that’s infectious, upbeat, and often surprising. “I wanted to use EDM song structures and sounds, and combine them with the more rhythmic grooves of hip-hop to elevate the music,” Vidorra says of his initial musical approach. 


Born in 1999, Vidorra was raised in Staffordshire, UK, and brought up on niche corners of hip-hop and EDM SoundCloud. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Vidorra helped form the band Spilt Milk Society, and served as its original drummer. He is continuously finding inspiration through the small marvels of everyday life: humor, kindness, the unknown. “The process of making music is magic,” he says. And if you’ve listened to his music, you’re inclined to believe him. ~ Max Cea.


Max Cea is a writer who has contributed to GQ, Vulture, SPIN, and Billboard.